A List Of Ideas For A College Research Paper On Social Media In India

If you are writing a research paper on social media in India, you would be surprised to know that there are hundreds of topics for you to choose from. Just go on the web and search with a relevant key phrase and you would instantly get hundreds of relevant search results appearing on your screen. India was a late bloomer in the field of social media revolution since mobile devices were not easily available to a large section of rural, semi-urban and even urban Indians. But since that happened, India has been the primary market after US for many social media sites.

Here is a list of ideas by popular paper help service that can serve as inspiration for your next essay on social media in India.

  • Internet penetration in the rural area of the country has been very poor despite attempts from government and its agencies. However, the changes have been dramatic in recent years. You can compare and contrast the historical internet penetration data and prove how big a potential market lies ahead of social media giants in Indian rural sector.
  • Mobile phones, like in every other part of the world, have replaced traditional wired telephone lines in many places. In India as well, mobile phones are hugely responsible for the social media boom. Show how mobile phones have shaped the social media networking marketing world of India.
  • Show how social media helps in women empowerment in India. In recent times, many LGBT activists and feminists from India have taken to the social media to vent out their opinions and dissent. You can show through statistics how feminism, women empowerment and LGBT rights movements have been propelled by the growth of social media in this south Asian country.
  • In India, election campaigns are now-a-days run through social media, apart from traditional media outlets. Show how effective social media has been in India in forming political opinions, building collective conscience and consensus etc. In short, show how social media has affected the overall political landscape of India.

If you need more ideas, you can simply search the web and the news portals to find latest stats on social media usage in India and expand upon the data you get from the web. Alternatively, you can also contact with an academic writing agency and ask for some samples on this topic. There are college research paper writers working with these agencies and can directly help you with the process of investigation and writing.

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