How To Select Strong Research Paper Topics About Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is quite possibly one of the most intriguing personalities throughout our history. This could make writing a research paper about him quite an interesting and fascinating task.

In order to write well about any person, entity or event in history one needs not only to thoroughly research the person, entity or event in question – which is Julius Caesar in this context – but also about everything that was around them, in the object is to truly understand the nature and scope of the circumstances in which and which the subject had to endure.

In order to select strong research paper topics about Julius Caesar, we have created a short list of some issues that can be explored to achieve our objective. Let us get started…

  1. 1. The Roman Republic, Julius Caesar: The political system of the Roman Republic could be very well deemed to be the first truly democratic political system. Exploration of the then novelty created by the Republic is critical.
  2. 2. The diplomatic union of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus: The political alliance and understanding of these three individuals kept the Republic in control for a considerable duration. Exploration of the structure and organization of this alliance can be fruitful.
  3. 3. The Julian calendar: After Egypt was conquered by him, Julius Caesar became integral to a wide ranging social reformation the implications of which echo even in our society.
  4. 4. The perfection of morals: One of the most significant changes that were tried to be brought about by Julius Caesar was the establishment of social reforms by the establishment of cardinal rules and the distribution of power to the Senate.
  5. 5. The aristocratic lineage of Julius Caesar: The role of Julius Caesar’s family history and environment while growing up in the formation of the personality that was Julius Caesar.
  6. 6. Mark Anthony and Cleopatra: The relationship dynamics between the trio – Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra – as a resource for inference even to this day.
  7. 7. The sexual orientation of Caesar: Caesar’s homosexual tendencies have been questioned time and again, without certain conclusions.
  8. 8. Apotheosis: The role of the appearance of a comet during the games held in Caesar’s honor led to an element that added to his deification.
  9. 9. “Et tu, Bruté?”: The betrayal of Caesar by his closest friend and confidant never ceases to end scrutiny.
  10. 10. The outbreak of Civil War following Caesar’s death.

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