How To Come Up With A Good Philosophy Topic For A Research Paper

Philosophy is an interesting subject, and is one that many students will find fascinating and really enjoy, whilst other students will really struggle with a wide range of concepts relating to the subject. In fact, some students may study the subject many years, and still not have a good understanding of the subject. Therefore, if you are struggling to think of good topics to write about as part of a philosophy research paper, then you do not need to worry too much – in fact, many people will find it difficult to think of good idea.

In order to help you think of a good topic to write about, it can be useful to try and think of any aspects of the subject that you have enjoyed studying about, particularly those that you have felt comfortable with, in terms of your understanding of what you have learned.

Another great way of thinking of good topics to write about is to simply read other people’s research and term papers, in order to give you some inspiration. In fact, you do not necessarily even have to read the papers in full, but may wish to simply look at the topics and titles that other people have used, as well as potentially any abstracts written for those particular papers.

As well as researching ideas that other people have used, you may find it useful to discuss ideas with any of your colleagues or friends. In fact, you might find that you get a better understanding of the subject or, at the very least, you might be able to come up with some ideas that you would not otherwise have thought of on your own. Alternatively, you may wish to look at some of the ideas below.

  • Compare and contrast rationalism with empiricism
  • Outline and discuss the main points relating to utilitarianism
  • What criticisms can be made of consequentialism?
  • How has philosophical thinking changed over the past 100 years?
  • What role does religion play when it comes to philosophical thinking?
  • In what ways does Western philosophy look at the world differently compared to Eastern philosophy, and what similarities can be drawn between the two ways of thinking?
  • How important is ancient Chinese philosophy on modern Chinese culture?
  • Discuss the most important philosophers and philosophical ideas that came from medieval philosophy in the Middle East during the Middle Ages
  • What is morality?
  • What is philosophy?

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